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Freddie Albrighton

Brand Portrait: Freddie Albrighton

As a creator and creative spirit, Freddie Albrighton is concerned with aesthetics in the most diverse areas of life. He found his way into the art of perfumery as an enthusiastic autodidact - and with his free and light-hearted approach shows how emotional and perfect the texture of unconventional fragrance compositions can turn out. After previous collaborations with various perfume labels, Freddie created his own fragrance collection based on emotional memories during the time of the pandemic. Under his hands, contemporary perfumes were created that are at once soulful and peculiarly distinctive.

His work as an internationally successful tattoo artist creates great closeness between Freddie and the people who turn to him with confidence. These encounters with the most diverse emotional situations and backgrounds, but also the need for an individual underpainting of one's own personality, significantly shape his everyday life. The talent to give artistic expression to his observations and to breathe life into their finest nuances is evident in Freddie's tattoos as well as in the fragrances he creates. They emerge as a mirror of his life experience and seem to open up whole worlds via the path of olfactory association, revealing an intimate insight into the artist's emotions and family life. Nostalgia and familiarity, but also farewell and consolation alongside intimate connection, come to life through his special understanding of finely tuned sounds and an unusual attention-grabbing twist. Freddie Albrighton's fragrances, entirely handcrafted in the UK, can thus be sensed in a new yet familiar way thanks to the high compositional skills of their creator. They harbour dreamscapes of colours and textures that come to life like an own almost forgotten memory.

The collection of fragrances were constructed in the midst of the pandemic, not being able to work his day job and the desperate need to keep creating - it felt organic for the fragrances to revolve around the ideas of great memories, nostalgia, and the need for comfort - the lack of communication and loss of loved ones represented in these also.  His style is novel, full of life and excitement, but effortlessly wearable in its pitch, texture, and soft touch.