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Jusbox Perfumes

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Brand Portrait: Jusbox Perfumes

The perfect simbiosis between music and perfume - Unique contemporary perfumes, created by the world's finest "noses", inspired by timeless music icons - A sensorial journey into a universe of musical and scented notes - Bringing back hidden emotions and memories
Music and Perfume share a similar and extraordinary power: intensely and yet involuntarily they both have the ability to bring back the most hidden emotions and memories. A smell that marked a specific moment in your life comes back and suddenly makes unforgettable memories re-emerge. In the same way, hearing a song that meant so much to you instantly touches your soul, recalling moments you thought you had forgotten.
It is no coincidence that music and perfume both speak the common language of notes. The perfumer, just like the musician, plays notes and accords to compose superb and touching harmonies. Sometimes the language of perfumery may appear difficult and hard to decode and this is why JUSBOX makes use of the language of music, usually more familiar, in order to make everyone clearly understand the true essence of its perfumes. The symbiosis between perfume and music is the inspiration behind our perfume collections.