Or Liquide

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Brand Portrait: Or Liquide Barcelona

ESSENZA NOBILE is proud to be the first and Germany-wide exclusive online shop to present OR LIQUIDE! A private perfume brand that brings excellence to be admired and appreciated by men and women who understand the value of perfumes that embody mastery, artfulness, and independence.

Inspired by the essential oils that have always been a source of beauty, celebration and attraction in ancient civilizations, "Or Liquide" strives to create charming and innovative aromatic blends by combining the finest oils and ingredients with modern techniques.

It took over two years to develop the fragrances produced in Spain. The entire production process was produced under the supervision of masterminds in the premier class of perfumery, to ensure a perfected completion of the creations. Some of the best noses in high perfumery searched the globe looking for some of the finest and most rear ingredients, so they can offer men and women perfumes that are unparalleled in refinement.

The house's mission is not only to create jewels of fragrance that excel in innovation and quality but to provide a true overall luxury experience making these creations liquid gold. This reflects also on the tasteful and high-end packing using only top materials for bottles, labels and sprayers.