Profumi del Forte

Brand Portrait: Profumi Del Forte

Eastern lands. Enchanting landscapes. Mystery and aged-old traditions. The Orient of magical seduction and of sweet dreamy fragrances. The story began a few years ago when Enzo Torre met Asia, its people, its architecture and its essences. Disquieting fascination. An intense desire to immortalize, through perfumes, memories of a journey and the pleasures of discovery. Perfumes like drops of memory. The revelation of a different approach to beauty. New dimensions for those who, like him, have always favoured the visual arts, shapes and colours. Images and fragrances. These are today?s realms of passion. True boundaries of a personal story, divided between painting, graphics, stories of signs and colours, and spaces on the one side, and perfumes, sublime atmospheres and ethereal physical worlds on the other.

Oriental suggestions, meetings with artists, journies, literature, a love for both Tuscany and the luminous landscapes of Forte Dei Marmi: Enzo Torre has enclosed in an idea the thousand dreams of a life dedicated to beauty: ?Torre of Tuscany?. The latest result of his constant personal aspiration for quality. The rarest essences, the best raw materials, the rigorously artisan workmanship, a refined balance of aromas and proportions, render ?Torre of Tuscany? an achieved ideal, a bouquet of collections dedicated to pleasure and beauty.

Every perfume of ?Torre of Tuscany? is inspired by a feeling and sentiment. Each fragrance reveals the taste of its creator, his experiences and the tales of his journies. Something to be shared. A treasure of sensuality, enriched by the art, workmanship and centuries-old traditions of Tuscany.