Agua de Surf

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Agua de Surf: The perfect wave

How does it feel to ride a wave? Agua de Surf gets to the bottom of this question olfactorily. The niche perfume label from Barcelona has opened up a very special niche: that of the surfer fragrance. The creative minds behind Agua de Surf, Marc Conca and Idil Bazán, are deeply rooted in the surfing scene and i.a. Organizer of the surf culture festival "Surfcity". The Spanish master perfumer Ramón Monegal is responsible for her first perfume 23NAO North Atlantic Ocean. Although it (presumably) cannot surf, it has nevertheless found the perfect wave - with oceanic ambergris, currents of plankton, ... and the ozonic molecules of a North Atlantic sea breeze.

Brand Portrait: Agua de Surf

Agua de Surf begins its particular romance with the sea in 2010. A brand that channels the sea's energy and converts it into emotions through the creativity of its products.

Since 2013 Agua de Surf organizes Surfcity Festival, an international festival of contemporary surf culture in Barcelona. An unmissable event for surfers that brings together more than 6,000 sea and art lovers every year. With more than 150 artists involved, Surfcity Festival is positioned as the most relevant festival of contemporary surf culture in Europe.


After almost three years of research, in 2017, Agua de Surf launches a new product related to surfing. Agua de Surf Eau de Parfum, an author's perfume that evokes the irrational immensity of the seas surprised by the encounter of earth firm. That crash of antagonistic ideas from which surf is born. That unique moment that inspires this sensory collection of 5 perfumes:

23 NAO - North Atlantic Ocean
6 SPO - South Pacific Ocean *
45 IO - Indian Ocean*
32 SAO - South Atlantic Ocean*
57 NPO - North Pacific Ocean*

*Next releases


23NAO - NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN - is the first of the five perfumes by Agua de Surf and is now exclusively available at ESSENZA NOBILE.

The way it has been created, with ingredients of natural molecules from the North Atlantic ocean, selected by the prestigious perfumer Ramón Monegal and the production methods using individually chosen handmade pieces, such as the cap or packaging, make this perfume as unique as a wave.