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Aura Perfume - TestoX

Aura PerfumeTestoX

129,00 €
4.300,00 € per 1 l

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Head Notes
Heart Notes
Birch Tar
Base Notes
Oud, Patchouly

Aura Perfume - TestoX

The marvellous feeling of a testosterone rush for everyone!

Characterised by unbridled energy, the long-lasting silhouette of TestoX emphasises the striking, dynamic and sometimes daring features of its wearer.

In a deliberate departure from classically defined stereotypes, Andreas Wilhelm's creation focuses on notes that were once traditionally associated with masculinity and arranges them into intoxicating unisex accords.

The powerful creation manages to break with this rigidly defined gender role and expand it to emphasise the masculine parts inherent in every personality. The signature notes of TestoX are a statement. They embody elegance, leadership and a determined, playful enthusiasm for competition - for all genders.

The fragrance's crystal-clear patchouli notes resonate confidently and gracefully, blurring the boundaries of conventional gender definitions and unfolding into a breathtaking, energetic perfume full of powerful impulses. Men like to use TestoX pure. Women often like to add a little splash of TestoX to a fragrance that is too "tame" to give it more flavour and power.

Every aura perfume has a symbol. TestoX bears the symbol of the god Cernunnos. The Celtic god of nature, male fertility and the Otherworld. Cernunnos is the male counterpart to the mother goddess in Celtic mythology.

What you should know about TestoX:

- Renowned and award-winning perfumer Andreas Wilhelm (Xerjoff, Sarah Baker, Perfume.Sucks) has managed to crack the patchouli molecule and remove the old-fashioned, musty hippy vibe. He created a crystal clear, high definition patchouli that is elegant, modern and powerful. The molecules seem to permeate the whole body and surround you for hours.
- TestoX is a relaunch. It was launched back in 2012 for the Swiss niche brand Sentifique as "Testostérone". Aura Perfume wants to make this jewel available again. In line with the demands of many fragrance lovers today, the perfume oil concentration has been increased from 12% to 20%, making it even more potent, smooth and long-lasting than the previous version. Incidentally, if you come across the dodgy "men's medicine" in the search results for "TestoX", this is a tongue-in-cheek bon mot about the history of the fragrance and its old fragrance description.

About the X in TestoX:

- X for cross-gender
Although it is a very masculine fragrance, Aura believes that everyone would enjoy the feeling of being occasionally flooded with a strong dose of testosterone. It has a confusing and fascinating effect when women wear TestoX.

- X for Perfume-Crossing
TestoX works perfectly on its own, but also invites you to add a splash of it over the rather nondescript and somewhat boring perfumes in your collection. TestoX spices things up and lets the wearer experience old, underwhelming perfumes with a new, mesmerising effect.

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