Baby Foot

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Baby Foot: The secret of baby tender feet

The Japanese foot care specialist Baby Foot has discovered the secret of baby-soft feet. With a fruit acid-based foot and callus peeling and a total of 17 natural extracts, including apple, orange, lemon, grapefruit, calendula and chamomile, the feet receive an intensive care treatment. Dead skin areas are gently removed, while at the same time the skin of the feet is bathed in soothing moisture. After each application, the feet feel like new born. The effective relief of foot complaints conveys a genuine "barefoot feeling", reminiscent of early childhood days. Not without reason is the name of this Far Eastern fountain of youth for the feet - "Baby Foot"!

Brand Portrait: Baby Foot

THE innovation from Japan - baby soft feet thanks to innovative foot and callus peeling

Baby Foot has developed a unique and highly effective product for foot care. This is a kind of gel mask for the feet, which should act over the duration of one hour. The highly effective formula removes dead skin cells that accumulate over time and gently frees the feet from calluses.... A total of 17 active ingredients are used to moisturize the skin while exfoliating excess skin cells. The result is super soft, pleasantly smooth skin that immediately reminds baby feet. The product ensures that the top layer of skin can exfoliate better without causing it any damage. Convinced users worldwide confirm its effectiveness. Baby Foot is also becoming increasingly popular in Germany, not least thanks to its ease of use and reliable effect.

Ingredients and effect
What makes Baby Foot so special are the approximately 17 plant extracts and fruit essences whose effects complement and support each other. Among others, chamomile, calendula and sage are included, which have a calming, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect. This effect is complemented by the fruit acids and vitamin C of lemon, orange and grapefruit.  After application, it takes about two to seven days for the dead callus to come off. In particularly stubborn cases, this process can take two weeks.

Baby Foot Easy Pack consists of two foil socks covered with a gel layer on the inside. Pull these socks over the cleaned feet and leave them on for one hour. Then wash the feet thoroughly again and treat them with a rich care.  Small effort, big effect! You will be delighted with your baby-soft, well-groomed feet - and without any mechanical action such as rubbing or planing.