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Brand Portrait: Frapin

Frapin House is well known name in the world of cognacs. The quality, refinement and skill that are connected to the Frapin cognacs are now being expressed in its perfumes.

The perfumes from Frapin continue to uphold the tradition of expertise and excellence that has been associated with Frapin for centuries. The finest raw materials blended together with the most sophisticated and advanced compositions have made it a great perfumery. The perfumes show unrivalled style and originality that draw inspiration from the age old Frapin tradition. This cherishing of traditional values, while including advanced methods has made it a big success in the modern world.

The creations are made in small scale to ensure that the quality is not compromised in any manner. The bottles have clean lines and have beech wood plugs that are designed by skilled craftsmen. The perfumes are aesthetically pleasing to both men and women and exhibit a quintessence of earthiness, sensuality, emotion and time. The fragrances from the house are inspired by the spectacular history of the place.

The fragrances bring out the inherent passion the French have for their tradition, quality and lifestyle. The timelessness of the raw materials used the expertise in the field and the ardent love for the good and beautiful has made the fragrance line a resounding success.