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Il Profvmo

Brand Portrait: Il Profvmo

"I am always inspired by Mother Earth: by a shrub or a scented a shrub or a fragrant blossom, the protective moss moss next to a wild cyclamen at the foot of an oak tree.
at the foot of an oak tree. Faraway places, deserts and wind draw me magically. I love the wind, because in nature, it carries so many scents with it and is always there when inspiration and is always there when inspiration into creation." - Silvana Casoli

Her first fragrance was Chocolat, which Silvana Casoli created in 1997 - still one of the bestsellers of the Il Profvmo brand. According to Casoli, a perfume should act like a second skin, not stand out at all costs, but create intimacy, interact with the wearer's skin, create self-confidence and give pleasure. Her signature as a perfumer is unmistakable: subtly nuanced, at first glance minimalist, but nevertheless complex and multi-faceted compositions have earned her an international community of aficionados in niche fragrance circles.