Rike von G

Brand Portrait: Rike von G

Rike von G stands for a comprehensive skin concept that offers lasting results for every individual skin need.

The Rike von G skin concept takes a holistic view of the skin's needs and comprises several elements that support each other:

  • perfect skin cleansing
  • lasting regeneration of the skin's protective mantle
  • highly dosed nutrient supply
  • creation of a stable skin balance
  • support of the dermal protective functions
  • effective fight against skin infections
  • Strengthening the aesthetic radiance through a more beautiful, more vital and firmer complexion.

The goal is a lasting improvement of the skin's condition, a vitalisation of all skin functions, a fine-pored, even skin with a youthful glow in all life situations.

To achieve this, selected herbal and biotechnological ingredients are composed into high-quality formulations - responsibly avoiding any questionable additives. The preparations are of the finest texture and support the highest availability for the skin.

The development and production at Rike von G is based on experience, medical knowledge and unique quality "Made in Germany". Trust in result-oriented skin care with quickly visible results and long-term skin health.