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Roja Parfums - Elysium Eau Intense

Roja ParfumsElysium Eau Intense

325,00 €
3.250,00 € per 1 l

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Head Notes
Lemon, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Makrut (Kaffir Lime), Rhubarb, Lavender, Thyme, Artemisia, Musk
Heart Notes
Lily of the valley, orange blossom, Grasse rose (Rose de Mai), Grasse jasmine, tuberose, apple, Blackcurrant
Base Notes
Galbanum, black pepper, cypriol, vetiver, cedar, dry woods, violet leaves, juniper berry, benzoin, vanilla, labdanum, leather, ambergris, musk

Roja Parfums - Elysium Eau Intense

Since its launch in 2017, the Elysium perfume has become an icon of the Roja universe. With Elysium Eau Intense, the House of Roja presents a virtuoso reinterpretation of the noble fragrance composition.

The fragrance
Elysium Eau Intense is undoubtedly a "must-try" and "must-wear" for all those who have already succumbed to the original perfume. Everything that fascinates about Elysium is refined into perfect beauty in Elysium Eau Intense. The typical character of Elysium (fresh, woody, sensual) remains clearly recognizable; at the same time, the composition has been enriched with some new ingredients.

Grapefruit and lime have been refined with wonderfully juicy, sour and sparkling rhubarb to intensify the freshness of the top note. An earthy-bright note of violet leaf roots the fragrance in nature. A tropical tuberose blooms at the heart of the perfume, giving volume to the fruit while at the same time connecting it to the woody-warm base and its cedar aromas and dry wood notes.

The pink pepper of the original fragrance has been replaced by its electrifying brother, black pepper. With its fresher and woodier nuances, it underlines the warmth of the original in a magnificent way.

And finally, there's... musk - Elysium's secret weapon! The captivating sensuality of finely dosed musk notes penetrates the entire composition like a fine tissue from the first spray: light and almost weightless in the top note - and sensual-animal in the base.

This new evolutionary stage of Elysium allows our senses to immerse themselves even more intensively in the fragrance experience of the exceptional perfume. It's like standing in the middle of the Elysian Fields - and looking up at the Olympic sky...

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