Valmont - Essence Of Gold Sturgeon - Creme Merveilleux Votre Visage

ValmontEssence Of Gold Sturgeon - Creme Merveilleux Votre Visage

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Valmont - Essence Of Gold Sturgeon - Crème Merveilleuse

A gentle and breathtaking sensory experience, l'Elixir des Glaciers Crème Merveilleuse stands for a rejuvenating transformation of the complexion. With its gossamer texture, yet supremely rich, it smoothes and plumps the skin while reducing pigmentation imperfections. An ideal anti-ageing product for demineralised skin of all types, Crème Merveilleuse is a sensual treat when gently massaged into the skin of the face and neck morning and evening after Fluide Merveilleux. Crème Merveilleuse works via double (high and low molecular weight) sturgeon DNA as an extremely powerful elastase inhibitor and stimulates the production of proteoglycans, while the Marvellous Mineral Complex physiologically stimulates the skin cells and supplies them with minerals. Combined with the previously applied Fluide Merveilleux, the Crème Merveilleuse unfolds its optimal action potential, forming the ultimate regenerating face cream for a luminous, youthful complexion.

The Essence of Gold Sturgeon Collection

With Essence of Gold Sturgeon, l'Elixir des Glaciers by Valmont is dedicated to the magical powers of a mysterious underwater world. In its third collection - following the Précieuse and Majestueuse collections, which explored the world of plants and the shimmering interior of the beehive in their formulas - l'Elixir des Glaciers presents Essence of Gold Sturgeon, a concentrated dose of youthfulness as a luxurious dream come true from the royal class of skincare. Based on a molecule derived from sturgeon DNA and a premium mineral complex, Essence of Gold Sturgeon's rich and revitalising power is created. Fluide Merveilleux and Crème Merveilleuse unfold in the form of remineralising care essences that combine well-being and top performance in their bundled effective power to create a top-class reinterpretation of anti-ageing care.
In order to ensure the highest standards for the Essence of Gold Sturgeon collection, Valmont's collaboration with a selected sturgeon farm in the southwest of France came into being. Here, breeding is carried out under the aspect of the best quality with an ethical focus on the welfare of the animals and organic husbandry. Nevertheless, the fish milk obtained from the male sturgeon is rare and the amount of extracted high and low molecular DNA is correspondingly exclusive. As one of the oldest living fish species, the sturgeon tells of evolutionary success. Powerful and vital, it is easily recognised by its characteristically curved snout and is also known as a producer of valuable caviar. Its long history and exceptionally long life expectancy make extracts of its DNA, which is difficult to obtain, a sought-after treasure in cosmetics. The extracted molecule from the sturgeon's DNA combines l'Elixir des Glaciers with a special combination of high-quality minerals that have an antioxidant effect to reduce the signs of fatigue and stress and stimulate regenerative cell metabolism. Magnesium, manganese and selenium, combined in an accord whose high bioavailability helps the skin to glow, replenishes the skin's own cell depots and gives it youthful elasticity. Remineralised in this way, the skin's appearance is refined and luminous. Pigmentation disorders can be reduced, while the skin's natural youth is supported and preserved.
The gentle signature fragrance l'Elixier de Glaciers also characterises the Essence of Gold Sturgeon collection. Light and clear, delicate floral notes of rose and lily of the valley resound over a noble cedar wood tone, while seductively warm sounds of vanilla and amber as elegantly floating notes combine lightness with opulence. The sensual character of this fragrance experience is also reflected in the exquisite textures of the Essence of Gold Sturgeon collection. Shimmering cream and the fluid created from a nanoemulsion flatter the skin like a delicate veil of silk.

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