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Brand Portrait: Nasengold

Punk rock, caffeine, curves, impulsivity and painting: these are the major sources of inspiration of the fragrance designer Lars Christian Plesch, the mastermind of the young Hamburg-based label NASENGOLD. After several forays into painting in the late 1990s, he discovered his love of perfumes, began training as a perfumer in the perfumery school of a famous German perfume house in the Weserbergland. Then he worked as a junior perfumer in Paris, where he developed his first commissioned work. Today Lars Christian Plesch is a successful lifestyle perfumer at a fragrance house in Hamburg...

With NASENGOLD he lets his imagination and creativity run free, and consciously walks outside the paths of commercial perfumes with his work. Different, spontaneous, unadjusted and full of joy: This is NASENGOLD. Omnipresent scented impressions are combined with high-quality natural products ... the results are unique perfumes of immediate clarity with funny and playful nuances.