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Al-Kimiya: Perfumery with a touch of magic

Medieval alchemy was an interface between the earthly and the divine, the material and the transcendent. A magical doctrine of transformation, which once involved turning simple metals into gold, finding panaceas - or prolonging life. In the tradition of this bold research and mysterious experimentation with materials and elements, the perfume company Al-Kimiya, also known as Kemi, is a perfume designer. Just like the masters of alchemy, the Italian perfume house brews magical elixirs in its laboratory - from natural raw materials and with secret distillation techniques.

Brand Portrait: Kemi

Alchemy - this is an influential and historical, philosophical tradition of ancient times:
The magical science of transformation.
High-quality perfumes are transformations, metamorphoses of raw materials into unique fragrance of rare and precious ingredients. By the use of special techniques of distillation, alchemy is able to perform almost magical things - until today there are rumors that alchemist practicians might have special powers. Perfumes as we know it today, would never have incurred without the techniques of alchemy. This ancient art has taught us to transform raw material and transform into a pure extract.