Vilhelm Parfumerie

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Brand Portrait: Vilhelm Parfumerie

Vilhelm Parfumerie is a niche fragrance house founded by Jan Ahlgren with the aim of turning out beautiful fragrances that evoke specific memories and moments common to all of us, and therefore finding a language that strengthens the common bonds of humanity. Each Vilhelm scent has a back story that is rich in detail, both real and imagined. One fragrance, for example, captures the sunshiney memories of a long ago day at the seaside, when we were innocent and youth and full of hope for the future, whereas another scent paints an olfactory landscape, the hustle and verve of 1900?s Paris at the time of the Great Exhibition.

But these are not mere travelogues or imaginary historical set pieces: each perfume is personal to Jan and to the perfumer, delicately worked out over time to reflect exact emotions. Vilhelm Parfumerie is named for Jan?s beloved grandfather, a man who inspired Jan?s deep love for classic aesthetics and early 20th century glamour. Perfumes in the Vilhelm collection give a nod to the glorious romance of the past while retaining a contemporary aesthetic and mode of expression. There are 16 fragrances in the Vilhelm Parfumerie collection to date, each one composed by perfumer Jerome Epinette.